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Saturday, 28 August 2010

"Attempt the Impossible in order to improve your Fitness..."

Fun Fitness!

Mark & Sonia...WowFitness2Health

Join  Sonia from Wow Fitness & Mark from Fitness2Health at the "kick off" pre party season AEROBATHON for Deafblind UK...tone up, challenge yourself, and have lots of FUN with FITNESS!

This superb 3-hour challenge is aimed at all ages, genders and fitness levels and is split into a variety of sessions with regular breaks.

This will be held at the charity's headquarters at Cygnet Road, Hampton, Peterborough on October 6th from 6 - 9pm.  To participate in the Aerobathon Challenge there is a £5 registration fee and a target of £50 sponsorship per person is requested. For more information call Lorraine on 01733 538100 or visit www.deafblind.org.uk/fundraising

Start Now Feel Wow...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

WOWFitness joins Metabolic Jumpstart

Follow our exploits... day three still jumping feeling WOW

Monday, 2 August 2010

Different strokes for different folks…

How to determine the role of genetic variability associated with individual responses to an identical training program.
 We all respond differently to a training program. Not only is our physiological "starting point" highly individual, but our training response is also highly variable.  Some people who essentially did not show ANY adaptation to a very well-controlled training program (measured for example as an increase in VO2 max), while others increased as much as 40% when doing the exact same training. Some athletes can do next to nothing 3 months then train like a madman, sweat, and spew chunks for three weeks and be in racing shape (ok, maybe too graphic). Others are 'hard gainers' that seem to lose everything if they miss 2 weeks of training. Some people tolerate and even thrive on, a high volume of training to reach peak fitness. Others cannot tolerate the same workload, but reach similar performance levels if they intersperse more rest days. We each have a unique psychological makeup. We have different strengths and 'weaknesses' within our physiological performance machine that should influence training plan design, and we have different hormonal and immune reactivity that will influence the level of stress we can tolerate and improve under. In the field of exercise physiology, we have learned a great deal about physiological adaptations and the general methods of training that conform to known physiology. This is very valuable information for the athlete to understand whether 24 or 64 (Of course I am biased on that score). But, remember, ANY exact training program that you copy from me or someone else is destined to be, at best an approximation of what will work best for you, and at worst, a total failure.

The BOTTOM line

OK, you love your sport and are motivated to improve, but with so many possible training methods and 'experts', what can you do? Well, here is what WOW thinks. 
First, understand what training does to your body Learn the physiology of the sport. Know how your engine works. This will help you critically evaluate the disparate training ideas that are thrown your way.
Next, examine and learn the biomechanical principles that must be obeyed for performance success. How do you maximize the efficiency of transfer of your engine power to performance velocity? There is no endurance sport that does not place a premium on good technique.
Finally, keep a record of what you do! Use a notebook and pencil, or a fancy computer program, but make yourself accountable to both the training you do in pursuit of your performance goals, and the results. If you do this, eventually you will have arrived at your own personal prescription for success, built from solid general principles, but fine tuned to your personal characteristics. 'Success' will vary for each of you in absolute terms; completing a 10k, a new personal best, a city championship, or maybe a world veteran's record! But it all feels the same to the person who establishes the goal, develops a plan, and works diligently to achieve it! Then you can tell us about it on the WOWBlogsite!

Stand up and burn more calories…

Did you know that holding onto the front of the treadmill is not only bad for your posture, but can reduce calories burned by up to 50%. So, get the most out of your running, let go and run tall!