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Monday, 21 November 2011

Well, is it Nifty Fifty Paul?

Paul at the start of his WOW Journey...
Well, summer has come and gone, the reverse regrettably of what has happened since I last wrote my blog. Yes the weight has gone and come. Unfortunately several things have happened, both at home and at work which has meant lapses in both exercise and diet. Although the weight gain is not significant it has compounded what has been a difficult summer personally and acted as a constant reminded of how ones life events can impact on your weight loss programme and your state of mind.

It has also been a period where I have celebrated my 50th Birthday and this has also meant that several local restaurants have been visited!

 Throughout this difficult period Sonia has continued to be supportive and had several hair style changes, dark being my preferred option!

 The important thing is that the damage is repairable and I happy to say that I have reengaged with the programme. I have started training at the gym again and eating a balanced, healthy diet.

 You must never lose sight of the goal and continue to appreciate the benefits of being fitter.

Paul, today, 5 stone lighter!
What a year this has been so far for Paul, dosen't he look WOW!!! He has given a very personal and truthful account of how he has felt since the summer. Some weeks when we didn't manage to get together I kept in touch with him, it was most probably a case of Big Brother is watching! hahaha when he did put on weight I was not too concerned about how much he weighed, I was looking at his Body Fat % and his  Muscle Mass % as this gave me the true summary of what was happening with his body, I explained the readings to him at every meeting.

Paul is back on track which is great as it is now the run up to Christmas which is a difficult time for most people.

If you would like to ask Paul or myself any questions, please leave your comments and we will reply accordingley.

Sonia x

P.S glad to see Paul has not lost his sense of humour, yip I changed my hair but as you can all see I am back to au natural...oh & when I said to him "let's go out for a lovely meal for your 50th birthday" he politely refused and said he had been to every restaurant open e,g Chinese, Thai, Nando's etc etc boy did that make me laugh!!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Hedda is HEADING in the right direction!!!

Hi Sonia   

This was taken in August last year where I weighed a hefty 17st 2lb. I was
miserable, unhappy with the way I looked, and was finding life difficult
because self esteem was rock bottom because I was so overweight. I couldn't
find many clothes that fitted me, I looked dreadful in them anyway. I
resolved that I needed to do something and I was introduced to Sonia and WOW

I started slowly, going to keep fit classes(led by Sonia), then Nordick walking, then
Zumba classes and now I also go to the gym once a week.

Sonia has been an inspiration to me, has kept me on the straight and narrow
and I now have lost approx 2.5 stone and several inches all round. I cannot
thanks Sonia enough for all the help and support she has given me and
continues to give me. I have resolved to lose another stone by Christmas!
My target is to get back to the weight I was before I got pregnant with my
first child 16 years ago. I weighed 80kg then. I know I still have a long
way to go, but I love all the fitness training, I look and feel so much
better and amazingly I can eat what I like and still lose weight due to the
increased activity. I also walk my dog twice a day and work on my allotment
at weekends. I am so happy that my couch potato days have gone.
Interestingly, I usually suffer from SAD in the winter, but last year this
didn't happen, and I'm convinced it was because I was active throughout. I am going to keep WOWING so watch this space!


 Hedda has been working with WOW Fitness for 1 year and her WinOnWeightloss journey is still going strong, she has listened to everything I have said and  has the self-discipline to do other activites as well as having one-on-one sessions with me, I am very proud of her achievements!

Here is a picture of Hedda taken last week...Looking forward to our workout tonight ,she will certainly be WOWED! If you would like to ask me or Hedda any questions about her weight loss journey, please leave your comments and we will reply.


Friday, 28 October 2011

Where are you Kelly from the Blog?

Hey Sonia!

Well it has been two weeks since our last session as I have started a new job, Paul been away and things have been a bit mad!!!!!
Anyway I’m back I have been getting in a few runs and doing some weights at home !!!

Sonia trying to get me in the spirit of Halloween this session however I think “The Witch is a *itch” after the weights I have been lifting............ouch......but I am burning the fat.......YEAH!!

Portion size is still key and I have been sticking with the glad bag and it really does help! Thanks for that Boss!
Going to try really hard to get lots of sessions in before Christmas so I do not end up like a Christmas Pud!!!
Yet again another great workout today with reps of 50 AGAIN..............AND EVEN heavier weights look out Jodi Marsh....lol



Bubble bubble toil & trouble....I will be casting spells on your workouts Kelly! Be afraid, very afraid...The BOSSx aka The Good Witch of the Northxxxxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Potion Size...ooops I mean PORTION Size...well it is MAGIC!

Kelly & her Glad Bag...

Hey Sonia

This week has been challenging as I have been concentrating on portion size and working with the glad bags you gave me. What I think is an average portion size is larger than what I should be eating. So I have used a glad bag for every meal and snack and it has worked well it is mind over how much my belly thinks it needs!!!!!!

Saturday was a bad day snacking on anything I could get my hands on.........as long as it fits in the glad bag ........however cakes and sweets are not really the ideal snack. So Sunday morning my body paid in the gym and when I weighed in the results were good!!!

Yet again another great workout today with reps of 50 AGAIN..............AND heavier weights look out SHERA here comes KEL.






Soniaxxx abacadabara....MAGIC...

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

How WOW is my ABS...

Hey Sonia
HOW WOW ARE MY ABS!!!!! See for yourself J
Well the proof is in the abs and all my hard work has payed off!
Another great workout today with some new moves and reps of 50 at a time.........OUCH........followed by a life coaching session.........ended feeling WOW and POSITIVE!!
I could not have done any of it without Sonia’s WOW WORDS OF WISDOM......
I have worked this body to every inch of it's life...Kelly has listened to what I have said and followed the instructions religiously...the WOW ABS are the proof! A big factor in this has also been the nutrition side of things, Kelly will write in the blog about this...think PORTION SIZE...

Sonia x aka BOSS Womanxxx

Emma's "dreaded" weigh-in...

Well, well, well...WEIGH IN...all those weeks...what happened?

Ok, at last weigh- in, Emma weighed 136.6kg (end of June) weigh-in today 138.8kg, approx 4.5lbs on, personally I am happy with the results as my readings showed her Body Fat had increased by .3 only, I explained to Emma what this meant and she felt better after my explanation, we also looked at her Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR & Body Water readings, she actually thought she had gained a stone, I did say to her that I hoped she had not starved herself before meeting me...(-_-)

Emma is back on track, our session today made sure of that! We have had a good old chat and she knows what she has to do, she wants to LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD....

Sonia x aka WOW Task Master!!!!

Monday, 12 September 2011

WOW Emma...How in heavens name are YOU?...We have missed YOU!

Hi Sonia,

Been a long while since my last update, and my last weigh in too... Not to mention gym visit!

Time to be honest; I don't want to lie to any of you. After all, you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't understand what I've been through, and how I'm feeling.
I think I saw Sonia about 2 weeks before I went to Majorca, back in July. Might have even been longer! Between my last weigh in and now, I have put on weight. I don't know how much - In fact I am quite scared about the fact that I've done so. I was so proud of myself, and happier with how I looked, and now I feel like I've disappointed myself and let myself down. It’s very disheartening.
Don't get me wrong, I am happy (over the moon in fact!) with my life at the moment. I'm happy with my boyfriend, and we have a great time, he is amazing :-)
It's ME I am not happy with. I know Jay likes me for me, and not what size I am, and for that I am truly grateful. But what I don't want to do, is put on so much weight that I hate myself, and feel uncomfortable around him. Plus, (excitedly!!!!!) we've booked 8 days in Portugal at the end of March, (we'll be there for my birthday and our 1 year anniversary!) so it would be fantastic to lose 3 stone before then, I have 6 months!!!!

I am seeing Sonia tomorrow night, and am DREADING getting on those scales, I really am. More so than working out for the first time in about 12 weeks!! I feel like I've let her down - she was so supportive of me and helping me out, requesting we meet up for a weigh in, and what have I done? Was too busy to see Sonia, started eating carbs again and ruined all my work. I know as soon as I cut the carbs down and start the exercise again, the weight will start to drop off once more - but getting back in to it after so long... god I'd forgotten quite how hard it is!! I have been saying, on Monday I'll start again, after this weekend I'll start again, after tomorrow I'll start again - and all those cliché’s. But now I realise it is time, and I need to stop kidding around!!

So anyway, I'll let you all know how I get on - and you can see my dreaded weight gain for yourselves!!!

Love Emma xx

I have never given up on Emma, over the summer I have kept in touch with her but she always had things on, I even offered her a spot on TV to talk about her weight loss journey, she just couldn't make it...after our meeting tomorrow I know she will get back on track! I will post her weight on the blog tomorrow night...Soniaxxx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Kelly from the BLOG...(-_*)

Hey Sonia

Well I have had a good week watching what I eat and exercising everyday!!! Jake rode his bike and I ran alongside him ......................so there are no excuses!!!

Really enjoyed Tuesday’s session and those new moves “BOSS” brilliant really felt them attacking the area that needs the most work..........THE BUM!!!! Which my Husband referred to as firmer this week........RESULT WOW WOW WOW!!!!!

Also scheduling some more life coaching sessions which have been fantastic and encouraged me to take steps forward.

Off to the gym today (Sunday) to work that body!!!

Thanks as always BOSS looking forward to another WOW session next week.

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!!!



Kelly, you are Rocking our WOW sessions...I am soooooo proud of  YOU!!!! Sxxx

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kelly from the BLOG...(-_*) Bank Holiday MUNCHIES!

Hey Sonia
Not a good weekend on the food and exercise front!!
A well needed session with the “BOSS” today to get me back on track.  Emailing you Sonia, A.K.A “BOSS” and exchanging a couple of scary emails back soon got me back into the WOW way of thinking. 
I think sometimes your body needs a little of what you have been depriving it of.........wine, cake & custard, crisps, cider, dips, pizza, chips and a few sweets......don’t you think BOSS? ?
So now focused on feeling and looking WOW for this week maintaining and working the WOW body!
If you have a bad few days do not be put off just focus and get positive.............even the BOSS slips now and again................he he
Yip the BOSS has also indulged but WOW fever kicks in so I do not bulge...hahahaha well done Kelly for enjoying your little binge, which is fun now and then, you got the WOW Factor back and you did great training today...I SALUTE YOU!!!!

Healthy regards
Love the BOSSxxxxxx

Friday, 26 August 2011

Kelly from the BLOG...(-_*)

Hi my name is Kelly and I have been with WOW since May 2010 and the results have been exactly what it says WOW!!!
Sonia has given me a programme which targets the areas of the body I wanted to improve and it has worked,  I have lost 18lbs over the last 12 months, still managing to keep  it off and maintain a WOW body by following the programme Sonia has set me. Sonia has made me realise curves are good and she is right, I have more confidence and am wearing clothes I would only have looked at 12 months ago.  My husband thinks I look great and is always commenting on how good my figure is and how happy I am.
WOW has also helped me in many other ways as I have used Sonia and her life coaching skills to build my confidence and support me in everyday life situations. Again this has done wonders for my  confidence and self -esteem and encouraged me to move forward in many areas of my life.
WOW is fun and I would encourage anybody to sign up with Sonia as she will change your life for the better.......................................DON’T be scared it is FUN and with Sonia supporting you results are the only thing you will see!!
If anyone would like to ask me anything about WOW and get an honest answer just blog me.

Coming soon is a video clip of Kelly talking about her WOW experience...she is most definately WOW ...WomanOfWorth!!!!

Yours In Fun & Fitness

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Calling Mr WOW! Hey Hey Paul...

August 23rd 2011

Well, here I am again, now 5 stone lighter then when I first started with WOW and Sonia. I continue to enjoy my mentoring with ‘she who must be obeyed’. Sonia has now introduced some weights into the programme. This has resulted in my muscle mass increasing and the body fat dropping. I have also seen improvements in my Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index readings, which have both decreased. Sonia continues to monitor my statistics on a weekly basis. At the beginning of this journey, we took measurements of my waist, thighs etc, so it is going to be interesting to see how these have changed. I like being measured!

I am continuing to monitor what I eat and trying to introduce new foods to add variety so that I do not get bored with the same diet. Fish is okay, but I don’t live in the sea!

Two weeks ago I represented my organisation at a sports event. I cannot tell you how this made me feel. It was wonderful to be able to stand at the venue in my track suit, blend in and participate. London marathon next year?

Look, losing weight is not easy. It’s a constant battle to deal with those triggers that make you comfort eat or skip the gym – work, pressures of life etc. During my time with Sonia I have sometimes put on weight and this has been devastating, but made me realise more how important it is to stay focused. The important thing to realise is that this does happen and you have to deal with it. It really is about looking at the benefits and the positive spin it puts on your life. I could not have achieved what I have so far without Sonia. Wow Fitness really is WOW!!!

Paul's sense of humour is WOW...his WinOnWeightloss journey is WOW...his dedication is WOW...and I am proud to say he is a WOW man! Coming soon is a video of Paul talking about what it feels like to be "WOWED"...

Yours In Fun & Fitness


Monday, 13 June 2011

Mr WOW...Feeling WOW or is it OWWWWW?...

Hello, Thursday 9th June 2011, 6pm. Total weight loss since January, under the direction and support of ‘she who must be obeyed’ is now 4 stone. It’s not all been plain sailing, 2 episodes of gaining weight, which made me cross and was quickly followed by 2 x 9lb losses. A valuable lesson learnt here, do not stray from the path, this is about a total life change and commitment to you. In the last 6 months I have reached a point in general fitness at the gym, where I want to do more exercise, so have introduced cycling and Nordic walking, no I am not working up to doing triathlons, but do sometimes wonder if that’s Sonia’s plan!

Enjoying eating healthier food, smaller portions and having the odd treat when I reach a milestone in my weight loss, without feeling guilty. It is one thing I have had to come terms with, having a treat and not thinking you are going to put all the weight back on.

Sonia has now integrated weights (dead lifts, chest presses etc) into the training programme, which I enjoy, not at the grunting stage yet and neither I am, although she is a task master!

Too be serious, it is still a very strange sensation to be losing this weight, but the benefits are great. I am enjoying life much more and people say I look happier. Family, Friends and colleagues still making positive comments and this does help to remain focused. Sonia bringing smaller ‘WOW t-shirts for blog photographs also helps!

As usual, big thank you to Sonia, she is an inspiration, a lovely fun person, who has become a good friend. Okay Sonia you can put the dumb bell down now!


Paul is excelling on his Win On Weightloss journey...we continue to workout each week & our sessions are always full of FUN! I will publish some fashion shoot pictures of Paul soon, he is most definitely Looking Good, Feeling Good, Doing Good...
Mistress WOWx aka Sonia hahahahaha

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Miss Wow Emma...What are you up to?

Hey Sonia!

Well, its been a while since my last entry, so its about time I provided an update on how I've been getting on. I haven't been to the gym as much as I should be, even with Sonia on at me! ;) I'm in a really happy relationship at the moment, so finding the time to work out is quite hard. That's definitely not to say I'm giving up, cos I am not!

So at my last weigh in, I was very happy and surprised at my further weight loss, which I believe is 14 kilos (2st 2lbs 13oz) in total now! I have lost several inches from all over and my happiest is the 4 from my stomach! Obviously I have a long way to go, but I feel comfortable (and dare I say it I sexy!) in a dress now, which I've worn several this year to weddings etc already.

Jeans are still 3 sizes smaller too!

Me and Kirsty (Wow Fitness PT Client) go to Majorca in about 3-4 weeks, which I'm excited about. Ok, I won't be slim, but I'll feel much happier in smaller summer clothes and that little bit fitter to cope with the heat too! (Although I can guarantee hardly any walking on holiday, our hotel is opposite the beach!! Haha!)

And really, the main thing for me is not getting a seatbelt extension on the plane, I hope to god I won't need one this year!


I have kept checking up on Emma to make sure she is still on track...I am pleased she is still loosing weight  & inches at our weigh in's, when we workout together she is absolutely brilliant!!!...LOVE...what can I say? I do LOVE, love of life, love of exercising, love of helping people reach their goals, love , love, love BUT love does not mean giving up on your goals, doing your own thing, being yourself...I Love the following quote "Insist on yourself...Never imitate" Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know Emma can keep on her WOW - WinOnWeightloss journey...I am very proud of her and the results she is achieving, WATCH THIS SPACE!


Saturday, 7 May 2011

How's The WOW Man doing? Calling PAUL...

Well what an incredible journey this is turning out to be.

I continue to lose weight; I am feeling fitter and I really am enjoying life.

The weekly training sessions with Sonia are still very important; her encouragement and enthusiasm have helped me to remain focused.

I have now joined the gym and go 3 or 4 times a week. This, combined with a sensible diet has produced some fantastic results. I have now lost 3 stone and I am discovering a new wardrobe, which for the first time in ages is from an ordinary high street shop and not a specialist outlet. This, to the ordinary thin person, probably does not seem much, but for me it is. Yes it is about losing weight, being healthy, but it is a bonus to lose the ‘5x’ label.

Look, don’t get me wrong I am still overweight, but my world within 4 months has completely changed.

The biggest development has been in relation to my diabetes for which I was prescribed medication. Well, I have just had a review with my doctor and he has stopped this prescription, because my diabetes is being managed with diet and exercise. Furthermore he is now directing people to this blog, as an inspiration to lose weight.

The journey has been difficult at times and 3 weeks ago I did put on 2lbs, which really annoyed me, but taught me how important it was to remain focused.

I would like to finish this blog update with some thank you’s.

To Sonia, thank you for believing in me and your support. To my family, friends and colleagues thank you for kind comments and words of encouragement, they really do make a difference and are very much appreciated.

P.S. WoW!!!!

Watch this space for an updated photo of our WOW man PAUL, he looks awe & some!!!! This is definitely a WinOnWeightloss journey to keep following.....if you would like to ask Paul or I any questions re his journey please leave your comments. Soniax

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Message from Emma April 2011

Hi Sonia,

Bit of an update for you, as promised.

I turned 30 just over 4 weeks ago, and celebrated in style in Nottingham with my closest friends and family. I had an amazing time, and ended up getting together with one of my male friends. We're really enjoying each others company and spending time together, so at the moment i am on top of the world! Haven't felt this happy in a long time, and I hope to God it lasts!!
I was even more happy when i found out I had lost weight after my birthday, 3 more kg!!! So now 2 stone off in total, and I can really tell the difference!! My jeans are all way too big for me. I used to squeeze myself in to a size 28 (in some shops) 26 in others. I bought a pair on Friday - skinny flare jeans, in a size 22. They fit great. They were also £10 in the sale, so you can imagine how impressed I was!! People are complimenting me left, right and centre, and it feels great!!

Admittedly I haven't seen you for a couple of weeks, I had another chest infection the week before last and couldn't breathe, let alone work out. I've had a busy couple of weeks, with family, with the new fella and friends, and following the eating plan has been incredibly hard. But don't worry, I am determined to continue, this has been a little blip, just while I sorted my life out a bit. Not sure if I have lost weight, but I hope I haven't put it on since I last saw you.  I have weighed myself at home, but these scales aren't great. They don't say i've put on, but I guess I will find out on Thursday night!!  The feeling of being slimmer, and feeling sexy is fantastic and I wouldn't swap it for the world. I am going on holiday with Kirsty in July and want at least another stone off before then, so I WILL do it!!!

See you Thursday!!! Em xx

Friday, 1 April 2011

PT CLient KELLY talks about her WOW Experience...

I have now been Training with WOW Fitness (Sonia) since May 2010 and I have never been happier with my body!!! I went to the gym four to five times a week before hooking up with Sonia and can honestly say I have never achieved the results I am achieving now. You need to be committed to getting the results you want and not give up if you have a bad week! You can have treats and enjoy naughty foods in moderation and trust me once you see the results the rest is easy.
Sonia makes training fun but at the same time focuses on getting the results you want from each session.  I am so confident now and my wardrobe has become more daring because I want people to see the figure I have worked so hard to get.  I would encourage anyone to work with WOW because you will be a different person at the end of it. 
What I love about Sonia is there is no beating around the bush you tell her what you want to achieve and she will help you get there with a manageable program that suits you.
Thanks Sonia for all your help getting my body to how I wanted it to look and making me realise curves are good and boy I feel WOW.
Kelly Goodacre
To date Kelly has lost 17lbs...she has maintained her weightloss for a number of months and at the moment we are doing "DARE TO BARE WOW WORKOUTS!"  Kelly is going on holiday in 10 weeks time and said to me "Sonia, I want to look the best I have ever looked in a bikini..." and the workouts I have designed for the next few weeks will do just that! If you would like to ask Kelly about her WOW experience please leave your comments and we will reply.
Soniax (aka Miss Wow - Chief Wellness Officer)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wow Woman VERSUS Wow Man...Emma How Are YOU???

Emma at Gym 22nd March 2011

Hi Sonia,

Thanks for the great work out again tonight!!

As you know, I am turning 30 on Thursday... Urgghh!! Not looking forward to it, don't want to be in the Thirties Club - I still want to say I am in my twenties! But never mind, nothing I can do about my age! But... There is something I can do about how I look going in to my 30's!! Which I feel is well on the way! So far I have lost 9 kg over the last 6-7 weeks. As you know, I initially wanted you to weigh me in KG, as I didn't want to know what that was in stones! It's far scarier to me in stones and lb's! So the 9kg is about 20lb's, which I am over the moon about!!!
Along with the inches lost from various parts of my body, I am getting compliments from many people, and that is a massive boost to my confidence!
I can't wear 2 pairs of my jeans now as they are too big! And when I was trying on some new ones the other day, I did have to drop a size! (I didn't buy them though, I want to lose more before I spend any money on clothes!)

I am loving the gym though, I really do thoroughly enjoy it in there. I know I hate that 'bum' weight machine, but it is doing me good, so keep pushing me to do it :-)
Now I have been paid, I am going to start going to the gym here locally to me too, so I can go after work/weekends when you aren't available, because I'd like to build up to 3-4 times a week. I need to get this weight off steady and fast, and build up my muscle tone to make sure this time next year I am a healthy, curvy stunner!!! (Haha!!)

It's great to hear how Paul is getting on too. He has done so brilliantly, he should be so proud of how much weight he has lost! I feel a slight competition between us, so it's nice to hear when we have both had a weight loss each week!!

WOW and YOU SONIA, have helped me tremedously, and I can't recommend you enough. Down to your outgoing and vivacious personality, to your enthusiasm for diet and exercise, I feel I definitely couldn't have done it without you!! Every one keeps saying "Don't give up Emma" and I WON'T!! I will never get this chance again, you are helping me to change my life for the better, and I am not going to let you, or me down by quitting!!!

Plus, I have my girlie holiday to Majorca in July, so you need to help me shift a couple more stones before then too!! Maybe this year I won't have to have a seatbelt extension on the plane!!!!!

See ya soon and I won't drink too much (yeah right!!!) during my birthday celebrations on Saturday night!!!!

If you would like to ask Emma or me any questions about her WinOn Weightloss journey please leave your comments and we will reply to you....

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wow Fitness introduces our WOW MAN!

Paul Kitney - JANUARY 2011 - Starting Weight 26st3lbs - Age 49
Paul at the GYM...
Wow Fitness is delighted to introduce Paul Kitney our WOW MAN!

 "Wow Fitness is thrilled to share Paul's WOW -WinOnWeightloss journey with you, along side Emma's"...says Sonia Cullington, Founder of Wow Fitness...

" I was delighted  Paul  accepted our offer of FREE training and support for the duration of his "bespoke" weightloss programme designed by WOW Fitness For You..."(see  wow website page For You)

"Our first priority was to establish Paul's goals" says Sonia  " And boy does he have a great goal to reach!!!!..."


And welcome to my blog, my WOW journey.

Three months ago, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and was faced with additional health problems if I did not lose weight.
The diagnosis was a shock, but should have been no surprise, as obesity does increase the risk of developing this condition, I was warned!
So a serious change in life style was needed, but I did not know where to start. By chance a colleague told me about WOW and Sonia. Fate is a peculiar thing, but sometimes you only get one chance at something like this. Being a WOW recruit has changed my life, giving me the focus I need to lose weight. An important element to this has been Sonia, a personal trainer who supports you, gives you advice and shares in your success as you lose the kilograms.

So where did this journey begin?

30 years ago, I gave up playing Rugby and other sports, due to a change in location and my first full time job, which incorporated long hours and shifts. I was always tired and discovered the world of convenience food and takeaways. Within two years I had put on 3 stone, had become unfit and reversed the effects of regular exercise and a good diet. However the crucial thing here was that I carried it well and my body image did not concern me or drew unwanted comments or disapproving looks.
However that changed within a few years as my weight increased. When you are overweight, it is amazing how people’s view of you becomes distorted, assumptions are made and the worst of all, comments are made of a negative nature.

It is at this point where you can become immersed in a never ending vicious circle of becoming depressed about your weight and appearance, but eating the wrong type of food, because it gives you comfort

It is true to say that I have said in the past; enough is enough and made a conscious decision to lose weight. The last time this happened to me was 2006, when I lost 5 stone. Why I stopped being focused and put the weight back on and more, I could not tell you, but I did and it made me ill and miserable.

So what’s different now, I hear you say. Quite simply, ones own mortality. I am Fifty this year and I have children who I would like to see married, grandchildren hopefully in the future that I can keep up with and a partner who I intend to enjoy my retirement with. Why these things have not motivated me before, I do not know all I can tell you is this  is different.

The crucial thing here is changing the negative circle into a positive one. I love training, going to the gym and exercising.  I have lost nearly 12.7005 Kg since January, people have noticed, people are saying positive things, the negative comments have stopped and I can now see my feet! All these things and more, inspire me to carry on. The path I am now on is a long one, I have a lot of weight to lose, but with Sonia I will achieve it.

To date Paul is weighing in at 23st 12lbs!!!!! one word...WOW!!!!! If you would like to ask me or Paul any questions about his WinOnWeightloss journey please leave your comments and we will reply to YOU....


Monday, 31 January 2011

Message from Emma - January 2011

Hi Sonia!

Have been back from the gym for about an hour, and had a bit of light tea, and settled down to chill out now!

I really, really enjoyed the gym tonight! I didn't think I would, but I honestly did! I was very pleased with my weight loss, and I really hope it comes off like that so I can be a couple of stone lighter (with any luck!!) before my birthday!

As you know, I intended to start the diet plan and gym way before now - and thanks to that horrible flu/chest infection I had between Xmas and New Year - which lasted for weeks(!!) I was unable to start until last week.

So anyway, I have been getting on great! I followed the plan to the T! And found that I wasn't really hungry - I am so glad about that, because as you know, I love my food!! Since I started, I haven't had any fizzy pop either! Just sugar free squash and water, or just water on its own. The fact that I can have 1 slice of bread (which i choose to have as my brekkie, with scrambled egg or as french toast) - gives me my bread fix, and the low fat chocolate mousse I can have - well that gives me my chocolate fix daily too!

I was a bit apprehensive at first, as you know i have IBS, and a lot of foods can trigger it off. I never really knew what - I just put it down to veg and fruit. BUT! Since I have been doing this plan, and eating so much veg/salad and fruit, it has calmed down so much! Before now, I wouldn't have been able to have more than a tablespoon worth of cabbage, but on Friday night i have a plate of cabbage with my fish, and nothing! I felt fine! (Full and satisfied too!!) I think maybe it is bread then! Because I did used to eat quite a bit, so maybe me cutting that out is doing me the world of good!

So a HUGE thank you from me Sonia!!! I am so appreciative for what you are doing for me, and I want to make you proud!!!

I can't wait for our next session and my next weigh in, to see how i've done this week!!

Oh and for the fit guys at the gym too! Phwoar!!!! :-)

Em xxx

Emma has now started at the gym as mentioned in December's blog...she was WOW! You name it, running machine, cross-trainer, resistance machines, power plate etc, she tried it all...I have designed a  "bespoke" exercise & nutrition programme for her which can  be adapted anytime on her WinOnWeightloss journey. 

Emma has lost 2kg's, which I am very happy about & I have also added a bit of  pressure or should I say competition for her...a WOW Man!

Follow our blog and see WOW things happening!


Sunday, 2 January 2011

2011 - The WOW Factor!!!

Director of Wow Fitness - Sonia Cullington
 Here we are once more ... at the start of another year. Where has time gone? The older or should I say “fitter” we become, the faster time flies by. Instead of picking a resolution for the year why not try what I do, pick a motto...a mental bumper sticker that will exemplify  how you will move through the world in the next 12 months, last year (as most of you know!) my motto was "Feel Good, Look Good, Do Good!" this year it is "How to WOW!"

Whatever is happening in your life right now, remember that nothing lasts forever and that nothing stays the same. We are all evolving each and every day of our lives and none of us can escape this fact, so it’s time to be resolute in your fitness, decision-making and future thinking. 2011 is going to be a WOW year!

In today’s fitness world, success requires an edge – a factor that sets you apart from the crowd. Who needs the Wow Factor? Executives seeking to reinvent themselves, mother’s and father’s who need “ME” time, overweight children, people who are mentally exhausted, lethargic, stressed out, athletes who are bored with their routines, people restless in retirement or anyone who has been downsized, outsourced, or simply blindsided by harsh economic realities...Wow Fitness ensures that your Fitness & Life skills gain and remain...giving you the confidence to WOW anyone and everything in your Life!

Wow Fitness 2011 launches Fit Camps, Junior Gym Classes and Workshops where we promise you sessions of fun & frivolity which will revitalise your vital parts... “workshops and workouts, simple to follow, exciting, challenging and you don’t have to start perfect...you just have to start!”

Personally, 2011 is going to be explosive! On April 17th I am running the London Marathon...This is going to be one of the most exciting things I have ever done in my Life...as I am always helping clients reach their goals I thought it was time I reached one of my dream goals...RUNNING...and to raise money for one of my favourite charity’s (Deafblind UK www.deafblind.org.uk/fundraising )   whilst doing it is a bonus!!!!

Deafblind UK is a national charity offering specialist services and human support to deafblind people and those who have progressive sight and hearing loss acquired throughout their lives.

If you would like support me via a donation please log on to http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SoniaWowFitness

 I will also be doing the warm up's for Cancer Research UK Race For Life at Burghley House, Stamford on May 15th at approx 10.35am & 2.05pm. Walk, jog or run 5k...Race For Life is the UK's largest women-only fundraising event. To date over four million women have raised over £327 million for Cancer Research UK's life-saving work.

2011 is most definitely going to be WOW...WinOn Wellness...WinOnWeightloss...WeightOffWorkouts...

Soniax (aka Miss Wow)

"Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."