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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Whaaaaat's Happening With Emma?????

Bicep Curls...

4 more Press Up's...

Emma loves working with the Flexi-bar!

Step up & Lunge  & Side Raises!
 Emma,when did you start to gain weight?

I started to put on weight when I was about 13. At that point, my parents bought a shop, (Similiar to a Spar shop) and I worked behind the counter after school. The counter was a large fridge with a marble top, and inside it was pies/pasties. Next to it were all the chocolate bars, and behind the counter were all the penny sweets. Being 13 and surrounded by all this was too much to resist.

When I was 18 I moved with my parents when they bought a Fish & Chip shop in Cambridgeshire. This was hard, and didn't make my quest to lose weight any easier. I am also from a Portuguese family, and the social side of being Portuguese is food. Cooking, eating, drinking etc. So when I eat at my family's, or when we cook, we always make far too much food!

Did you enjoy your night out recently?

Recently when I was promoted, a celebration night out with friends was arranged, which I very much enjoyed. What I didn't like, was prior to this I tried to find a new top. (The perils of Facebook and photos being taken mean I can't wear the same outfit twice! haha!) I ordered what looked like a beatiful top from a well known Plus Size store. It was a purple dress/tunic top with black lace and ruffle sleeves. When it arrived and I tried it on, well I wanted to cry. It looked hideous. It fittted, don't get me wrong, it just should never have been made for a big person. On the model on the website - she was about a size 16 - it looked amazing. I looked terrible. I sent it back in the end, and struggled to find something else in time. I ended up wearing a top I had worn before, which was fine, but I would have been much happier to have a top arrive which fitted perfectly, and looked amazing :)

How are you enjoying your promotion at work?
As mentioned on the last question, I recently got a promotion at work. When I first started, I didn't enjoy it - it wasn't what I expected at all, and I felt like I had made a massive mistake. I was down, low, and not happy with anything,. Being unhappy with that - which is a huge part of my life - I mean, I am there 40 hours a week! - that meant it was bringing me down a lot. I'm lucky to have the best friends I could ask for, who are very supportive and offered brilliant advice, and a shoulder to cry on.

As time has gone on, the job is getting better and I am more comfortable with the role and the huge change,.

About 6 weeks in to the job, Sonia came round to start a workout. She could instantly tell that I was upset and agitated, and I was moody and snappy because I was unhappy with my life. I'd had a bad day, and regretted leaving my previous role. Sonia was great, she was patient and talked me through it, gave advice and listened as I pushed myself to exercise, even though I was so annoyed, and really couldn't be bothered to do any work out at all. I wanted to sit and mope - and being honest - eat chocolate.

About 30 minutes in to the work out, I was a bit chirpier, was laughing and joking with Sonia and my best friend (who works out with me). At the end of the session, Sonia said to me she noticed a huge difference in my mood half way through the work out, and asked how I felt when I had finished. I honestly have to say I was do glad that I had pushed myself to do the workout and felt so much better. Invigorated, energised, and positive.

How are you feeling with Xmas & New Year around the corner, how is your nutrition ?
Xmas is always a tough time for me and weight loss. I love my food, and the best thing for me at Xmas is the food! This year, Sonia has written me a food program, which I am highly looking forward to starting. My intention was to start before Xmas, but I didn't want to do it half-heartedly - and with plans for the 6 weekends leading up to Xmas, it would have been very difficult to give it my dedication. I have vowed to Sonia - and myself!! - that I am going to follow this food program religiously at the start of 2011. Once New Year is out of the way and life is back to normal/reality, this begins, with my full attention and dedication. Sonia has adapted this plan to my specifications - I have IBS and various foods I can't eat. So this plan will work perfectly for me. I can honestly say - and I REALLY mean this - I am really looking forward to starting it, and seeing the success of the plan, combined with the exercise!!!!

What's happening with you and exercise?
I am really enjoying the weekly workouts. I know at my size, 1 hour a week is not enough, so I am looking forward to when Sonia sorts out a gym so she can put me on the machines. If it is as planned - and right round the corner from work - I will be able to go several times a week!

I love the dance aerobics we've done the last couple of weeks. I've always loved dancing, and I'm not ashamed to admit (ok... maybe I am, but i'll say it anyway!) when I was younger, I was a huge fan of Steps, and knew all their dance routines off by heart! Its exercise I thoroughly enjoy doing! I am intending to try Spinning. I have been informed it is very difficult, but when you've finished, you really feel a sense of achievement. My best friend does it 3 times a week, she's lost a lot of weight, and she assures me I can do it, slowly at first, but she'll be really proud of me when i've managed it! I intend to start this weekly after Xmas too!

What were you doing 10yrs ago that you are not doing now but would like to do?

Hmmm.. 10 years ago. Good question - Well 10 years ago, I was certainly many stones lighter than I am now. I didn't work in an office, I worked in Woolworths, and was on my feet all the time. I kept the weight down, and found it much easier to lose the weight. I lost a very good amount of weight back then, went down to a size 16-18, which from a size 26, was a great achievement. The best thing was re-ordering my Woolies uniform regularly because it was too big!! That was a proud moment..

I regret, bitterly regret, the fact that I stopped any physical activities when I started working in an office and sitting on my bum all day long. The amount of weight I have put on doing this job is ridiculous. But it's so easy to do. If I could turn back time, I would make sure that I kept my weight under control.

What are your plans for 2011?

My plans for 2011:

Achieve a great weight loss - I turn 30, so would like to lose a bit for then in March. Also for my best friends wedding in Sept.I'd like to drop several dress sizes and be well on my way to a target weight.

Get fit - manage to walk without caring, without getting out of breath walking up the stairs at work.

Start spinning and do this regularly

In addition to this, It would be nice to meet a guy. I've not struggled to meet men, but i've certainly struggled to meet decent ones! So maybe when my confidence increases as my weight goes down, I will have the confidence to meet more people, perhaps increasing my chances of meeting a good guy out there. I have been assured some of them do exist! :)

Wow Fitness wishes Emma a Wonderful Xmas a WOW 2011!!!  I am very pleased with the progress Emma has made already, adapting to the different exercises and learning what she likes doing, she struggled for a while  to stay on track when she got promoted but I am not worried as I have great faith in her, I know she will excel in her fitness and nutrition starting after Xmas and I will help her every step of the way!!! I have arranged to train Emma in a fantastic Gym which has a Ladies only suite and is very near to her place of work and she can also attend my Spinning classes or I can do this on a one to one basis...either way she will have the ride of her life!  I will publish a picture of Emma and her weight at the beginning of January. Sonia x (aka Miss Wow)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Emma speaks to WOW...

Start of my WOW journey...

"Firstly, I want to say a BIG thank you for thinking of me for your 'project'. For years I have struggled with my weight, as you know, and whilst I don't usually show it on the surface, underneath it is a huge issue for me, something I am very unhappy with.  I have been on and off different diets for years and I do lose weight when I follow a diet, I just struggle to keep motivated!!!  Sonia from Wow Fitness is a great motivator, she is so happy, funny and encouraging and not only do I want to succeed in this for me but I would like to make Wow Fitness proud too! I find it great to work out with my best friend too (a Wow Fitness PT Client), it makes it fun and we encourage each other, even though we are at completely different fitness levels.  Before now, I didn't do any exercise, none at all, so to be completely honest, I do feel quite chuffed with myself to be managing the whole 1 hour session when you do the work out with us.  Kirsty (training buddy) is getting married next year and I would love to be able to feel comfortable, slimmer and - let's face it - SEXY! in a dress for my best friend's wedding! I can't wait to get to the stage where I can see and feel the results, dropping dress sizes, increasing the intensity of my work outs and even when I can start to run, and then toning up of course! Emmaxxx

Sunday, 3 October 2010

"WOW Fitness welcomes Emma De Oliviera..."

                                        Emma above - AGE 29 - STARTING WEIGHT  = 151kg's

"Wow Fitness is thrilled to share Emma's WOW -WinOnWeightloss journey with you"...says Sonia Cullington, Founder of Wow Fitness..."The one thing that separates Winners from Losers is, Winners take ACTION! and I knew that when I first met Emma she was a Winner and I was delighted she accepted our offer of FREE training and support for the duration of her "bespoke" weightloss programme designed by WOW Fitness For You..."(see  wow website page For You)

"Our first priority was to establish Emma's goals" says Sonia " There are no such things as unrealistic goals, only unrealistic time frames"

Saturday, 28 August 2010

"Attempt the Impossible in order to improve your Fitness..."

Fun Fitness!

Mark & Sonia...WowFitness2Health

Join  Sonia from Wow Fitness & Mark from Fitness2Health at the "kick off" pre party season AEROBATHON for Deafblind UK...tone up, challenge yourself, and have lots of FUN with FITNESS!

This superb 3-hour challenge is aimed at all ages, genders and fitness levels and is split into a variety of sessions with regular breaks.

This will be held at the charity's headquarters at Cygnet Road, Hampton, Peterborough on October 6th from 6 - 9pm.  To participate in the Aerobathon Challenge there is a £5 registration fee and a target of £50 sponsorship per person is requested. For more information call Lorraine on 01733 538100 or visit www.deafblind.org.uk/fundraising

Start Now Feel Wow...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

WOWFitness joins Metabolic Jumpstart

Follow our exploits... day three still jumping feeling WOW

Monday, 2 August 2010

Different strokes for different folks…

How to determine the role of genetic variability associated with individual responses to an identical training program.
 We all respond differently to a training program. Not only is our physiological "starting point" highly individual, but our training response is also highly variable.  Some people who essentially did not show ANY adaptation to a very well-controlled training program (measured for example as an increase in VO2 max), while others increased as much as 40% when doing the exact same training. Some athletes can do next to nothing 3 months then train like a madman, sweat, and spew chunks for three weeks and be in racing shape (ok, maybe too graphic). Others are 'hard gainers' that seem to lose everything if they miss 2 weeks of training. Some people tolerate and even thrive on, a high volume of training to reach peak fitness. Others cannot tolerate the same workload, but reach similar performance levels if they intersperse more rest days. We each have a unique psychological makeup. We have different strengths and 'weaknesses' within our physiological performance machine that should influence training plan design, and we have different hormonal and immune reactivity that will influence the level of stress we can tolerate and improve under. In the field of exercise physiology, we have learned a great deal about physiological adaptations and the general methods of training that conform to known physiology. This is very valuable information for the athlete to understand whether 24 or 64 (Of course I am biased on that score). But, remember, ANY exact training program that you copy from me or someone else is destined to be, at best an approximation of what will work best for you, and at worst, a total failure.

The BOTTOM line

OK, you love your sport and are motivated to improve, but with so many possible training methods and 'experts', what can you do? Well, here is what WOW thinks. 
First, understand what training does to your body Learn the physiology of the sport. Know how your engine works. This will help you critically evaluate the disparate training ideas that are thrown your way.
Next, examine and learn the biomechanical principles that must be obeyed for performance success. How do you maximize the efficiency of transfer of your engine power to performance velocity? There is no endurance sport that does not place a premium on good technique.
Finally, keep a record of what you do! Use a notebook and pencil, or a fancy computer program, but make yourself accountable to both the training you do in pursuit of your performance goals, and the results. If you do this, eventually you will have arrived at your own personal prescription for success, built from solid general principles, but fine tuned to your personal characteristics. 'Success' will vary for each of you in absolute terms; completing a 10k, a new personal best, a city championship, or maybe a world veteran's record! But it all feels the same to the person who establishes the goal, develops a plan, and works diligently to achieve it! Then you can tell us about it on the WOWBlogsite!

Stand up and burn more calories…

Did you know that holding onto the front of the treadmill is not only bad for your posture, but can reduce calories burned by up to 50%. So, get the most out of your running, let go and run tall!