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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Message from Emma April 2011

Hi Sonia,

Bit of an update for you, as promised.

I turned 30 just over 4 weeks ago, and celebrated in style in Nottingham with my closest friends and family. I had an amazing time, and ended up getting together with one of my male friends. We're really enjoying each others company and spending time together, so at the moment i am on top of the world! Haven't felt this happy in a long time, and I hope to God it lasts!!
I was even more happy when i found out I had lost weight after my birthday, 3 more kg!!! So now 2 stone off in total, and I can really tell the difference!! My jeans are all way too big for me. I used to squeeze myself in to a size 28 (in some shops) 26 in others. I bought a pair on Friday - skinny flare jeans, in a size 22. They fit great. They were also £10 in the sale, so you can imagine how impressed I was!! People are complimenting me left, right and centre, and it feels great!!

Admittedly I haven't seen you for a couple of weeks, I had another chest infection the week before last and couldn't breathe, let alone work out. I've had a busy couple of weeks, with family, with the new fella and friends, and following the eating plan has been incredibly hard. But don't worry, I am determined to continue, this has been a little blip, just while I sorted my life out a bit. Not sure if I have lost weight, but I hope I haven't put it on since I last saw you.  I have weighed myself at home, but these scales aren't great. They don't say i've put on, but I guess I will find out on Thursday night!!  The feeling of being slimmer, and feeling sexy is fantastic and I wouldn't swap it for the world. I am going on holiday with Kirsty in July and want at least another stone off before then, so I WILL do it!!!

See you Thursday!!! Em xx

Friday, 1 April 2011

PT CLient KELLY talks about her WOW Experience...

I have now been Training with WOW Fitness (Sonia) since May 2010 and I have never been happier with my body!!! I went to the gym four to five times a week before hooking up with Sonia and can honestly say I have never achieved the results I am achieving now. You need to be committed to getting the results you want and not give up if you have a bad week! You can have treats and enjoy naughty foods in moderation and trust me once you see the results the rest is easy.
Sonia makes training fun but at the same time focuses on getting the results you want from each session.  I am so confident now and my wardrobe has become more daring because I want people to see the figure I have worked so hard to get.  I would encourage anyone to work with WOW because you will be a different person at the end of it. 
What I love about Sonia is there is no beating around the bush you tell her what you want to achieve and she will help you get there with a manageable program that suits you.
Thanks Sonia for all your help getting my body to how I wanted it to look and making me realise curves are good and boy I feel WOW.
Kelly Goodacre
To date Kelly has lost 17lbs...she has maintained her weightloss for a number of months and at the moment we are doing "DARE TO BARE WOW WORKOUTS!"  Kelly is going on holiday in 10 weeks time and said to me "Sonia, I want to look the best I have ever looked in a bikini..." and the workouts I have designed for the next few weeks will do just that! If you would like to ask Kelly about her WOW experience please leave your comments and we will reply.
Soniax (aka Miss Wow - Chief Wellness Officer)