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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wow Woman VERSUS Wow Man...Emma How Are YOU???

Emma at Gym 22nd March 2011

Hi Sonia,

Thanks for the great work out again tonight!!

As you know, I am turning 30 on Thursday... Urgghh!! Not looking forward to it, don't want to be in the Thirties Club - I still want to say I am in my twenties! But never mind, nothing I can do about my age! But... There is something I can do about how I look going in to my 30's!! Which I feel is well on the way! So far I have lost 9 kg over the last 6-7 weeks. As you know, I initially wanted you to weigh me in KG, as I didn't want to know what that was in stones! It's far scarier to me in stones and lb's! So the 9kg is about 20lb's, which I am over the moon about!!!
Along with the inches lost from various parts of my body, I am getting compliments from many people, and that is a massive boost to my confidence!
I can't wear 2 pairs of my jeans now as they are too big! And when I was trying on some new ones the other day, I did have to drop a size! (I didn't buy them though, I want to lose more before I spend any money on clothes!)

I am loving the gym though, I really do thoroughly enjoy it in there. I know I hate that 'bum' weight machine, but it is doing me good, so keep pushing me to do it :-)
Now I have been paid, I am going to start going to the gym here locally to me too, so I can go after work/weekends when you aren't available, because I'd like to build up to 3-4 times a week. I need to get this weight off steady and fast, and build up my muscle tone to make sure this time next year I am a healthy, curvy stunner!!! (Haha!!)

It's great to hear how Paul is getting on too. He has done so brilliantly, he should be so proud of how much weight he has lost! I feel a slight competition between us, so it's nice to hear when we have both had a weight loss each week!!

WOW and YOU SONIA, have helped me tremedously, and I can't recommend you enough. Down to your outgoing and vivacious personality, to your enthusiasm for diet and exercise, I feel I definitely couldn't have done it without you!! Every one keeps saying "Don't give up Emma" and I WON'T!! I will never get this chance again, you are helping me to change my life for the better, and I am not going to let you, or me down by quitting!!!

Plus, I have my girlie holiday to Majorca in July, so you need to help me shift a couple more stones before then too!! Maybe this year I won't have to have a seatbelt extension on the plane!!!!!

See ya soon and I won't drink too much (yeah right!!!) during my birthday celebrations on Saturday night!!!!

If you would like to ask Emma or me any questions about her WinOn Weightloss journey please leave your comments and we will reply to you....

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wow Fitness introduces our WOW MAN!

Paul Kitney - JANUARY 2011 - Starting Weight 26st3lbs - Age 49
Paul at the GYM...
Wow Fitness is delighted to introduce Paul Kitney our WOW MAN!

 "Wow Fitness is thrilled to share Paul's WOW -WinOnWeightloss journey with you, along side Emma's"...says Sonia Cullington, Founder of Wow Fitness...

" I was delighted  Paul  accepted our offer of FREE training and support for the duration of his "bespoke" weightloss programme designed by WOW Fitness For You..."(see  wow website page For You)

"Our first priority was to establish Paul's goals" says Sonia  " And boy does he have a great goal to reach!!!!..."


And welcome to my blog, my WOW journey.

Three months ago, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and was faced with additional health problems if I did not lose weight.
The diagnosis was a shock, but should have been no surprise, as obesity does increase the risk of developing this condition, I was warned!
So a serious change in life style was needed, but I did not know where to start. By chance a colleague told me about WOW and Sonia. Fate is a peculiar thing, but sometimes you only get one chance at something like this. Being a WOW recruit has changed my life, giving me the focus I need to lose weight. An important element to this has been Sonia, a personal trainer who supports you, gives you advice and shares in your success as you lose the kilograms.

So where did this journey begin?

30 years ago, I gave up playing Rugby and other sports, due to a change in location and my first full time job, which incorporated long hours and shifts. I was always tired and discovered the world of convenience food and takeaways. Within two years I had put on 3 stone, had become unfit and reversed the effects of regular exercise and a good diet. However the crucial thing here was that I carried it well and my body image did not concern me or drew unwanted comments or disapproving looks.
However that changed within a few years as my weight increased. When you are overweight, it is amazing how people’s view of you becomes distorted, assumptions are made and the worst of all, comments are made of a negative nature.

It is at this point where you can become immersed in a never ending vicious circle of becoming depressed about your weight and appearance, but eating the wrong type of food, because it gives you comfort

It is true to say that I have said in the past; enough is enough and made a conscious decision to lose weight. The last time this happened to me was 2006, when I lost 5 stone. Why I stopped being focused and put the weight back on and more, I could not tell you, but I did and it made me ill and miserable.

So what’s different now, I hear you say. Quite simply, ones own mortality. I am Fifty this year and I have children who I would like to see married, grandchildren hopefully in the future that I can keep up with and a partner who I intend to enjoy my retirement with. Why these things have not motivated me before, I do not know all I can tell you is this  is different.

The crucial thing here is changing the negative circle into a positive one. I love training, going to the gym and exercising.  I have lost nearly 12.7005 Kg since January, people have noticed, people are saying positive things, the negative comments have stopped and I can now see my feet! All these things and more, inspire me to carry on. The path I am now on is a long one, I have a lot of weight to lose, but with Sonia I will achieve it.

To date Paul is weighing in at 23st 12lbs!!!!! one word...WOW!!!!! If you would like to ask me or Paul any questions about his WinOnWeightloss journey please leave your comments and we will reply to YOU....