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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sonia Cullington say's "Dare to Bare Kelly?"

Hey Sonia

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!!
Well another back appointment yesterday and my back is improving and getting stronger so the exercises you have incorporated into my workouts have payed off......................THANK YOU
Another great session last night working the core.................press ups which I could not do when I started with you back in 2010..................side planks woop woop and a huge amount of fun!!!

I feel WOW mentally and physically and am looking forward to our next session!
Keep up the good work Son and the WOW WORDS OF WISDOM....

I will DARE TO BARE when summer arrives.......oh I did todayJ xx
Kel xx

Kelly is WOWING! She is mentally & physically in the WOW zone and her energy balance is in tune with her life style...WOW WOW WOW!

Sonia - Wow Fitness Health & Wellness Motivator

Sonia Cullington say's "Whaaat's happening Hedda?"

Hi Sonia!

Well, its Spring again and I am in a renewed phase of trying to lose more weight and look good, two weddings this year! I need to lose at least one stone before the 3rd June!

I had a really happy day when I went into Marks and Spencer and bought some fitted trousers off the peg and they actually fitted! In the past I have had to rely on elasticated waists, very comfortable, but the choice is very limited.

 Still having trouble losing, mainly due to the fact that I had a four day holiday in Scarborough with my husband, followed by a vile virus that had me laying on the sofa for over a week. I now realise that in order to lose weight, I must exercise!

Back on track now, and spent nearly all day Sunday gardening, the backs of my legs are telling me this was good for me! Thank goodness for Sonia and WOW fitness, for keeping me on the straight and narrow! I am really looking forward to our WOW session this week!!!

Kindest regards

Hedda x

Hedda is fighting fit, she knows what she has to do and when she did put on a bit of weight  recently when she was 'flirting' with food and her husband she soon sharp got back on track...watch this space, we will get another stone off by June!

Sonia - Forever Tracking, Forever Fun, Fitness Forever!!!! x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sonia Cullington say's "WOW Fitness PT Client Kelly is WOWING!!!"

Hey Sonia
WOW, WOW and WOW again no slacking for me this morning with the clocks changing another awesome workout!!!! So the BOSS’s words “ up up up with the weights” and we continued with the reps of “50”.................I WANT MORE........... so another session tomorrow can’t wait!!!!
I am burning calories as fast as my body can go at the mo and it feels GOOD!!
Watch the nutrition and work your body and you too will feel WOW!! Keep it FUN......... and I do that with WOW Fitness (Sonia) .......FUN & RESULTS.............. I have lost 1 stone 8lbs (10kg) now and am maintaining this.............BUT there is always room for improvement!!!
The back is easier but Sonia is working the CORE to strengthen it all the time........ which is keeping the AB’S FAB...........
So Son see you tomoz for another blast.....

Kelly is WOWING on every occasion! I keep challenging her body with power workouts and I challenge her mind with Life Coaching sessions, she most definitely has the WOW Factor!!!

Sonia Cullington/WOW Fitness

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sonia Cullington say's "Watch your BACK Kelly..."

Hey Sonia

I did not blog you after my session on the 12th March but it was awesome as normal and we concentrated on strengthening the back following on from my osteopath appointment!! And boy did I hurt on Tuesday morning as I had some kind of bug and did not move off the sofa for two days!!!

However I had another osteopath appointment today and there is improvement all thanks to you Sonia advising me on what I should and should not be doing!!! The lady told me everything Sonia has been doing with me over the last few months the only thing she has done different is flip me from one side of a bed to another and not in a pleasurable way .............
Tonight another great session working the core and maintaining a WOW body which will be hot, hot, hot by the summer.

Keep focused keep it fun and keep listening to the BOSS and watch the results!!
Thanks Sonia as always!

I have been working Kelly's core at every session (our last few sessions have been outside in the fresh air). I have been aware of the pain she has been experiencing in her back and I have only given her moves & repetitions that have been suitable but still WOW...her side planks tonight were  AWE & SOME!!!
Sonia Cullington - Chief Wellness Officer/WOW Fitness

Monday, 5 March 2012

Sonia Cullington say’s “The First Wealth is Health…”

“First health, then wealth, then pleasure, and do not owe anything to anybody.” Catherine the Great

Real Health Wealth, (Hint: Jesse J sings -  It's not about the money, money, money. We don't need your money, money, money. We just wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag
….”) is YOU have  a choice to make.  It is the same choice YOU make every day of your working life. Do you exercise and put your body to the test or do you go to work earlier/  stay later showing  commitment to your employer? In respect it is an easy choice to make, but perhaps more difficult to commit to in the long term.
“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” Winston Churchill
I am a great believer in Mind Over Muscle, you need mental strength to power your workout…You feel good when you exercise and you look good and do good! Programme your subconscious to lead you towards success, treat your body like a business proposition… “An ‘easy’ session is a wasted session” To end up with a profit, treat each workout like a meeting: Be punctual and consistent. (That brings me back to the time you can utilise before you commence/finish work. Fit Fitness IN!)

 I like to call it Real Health Wealth because if you are willing to be REAL about your fitness you will become rich in a way that benefits YOU and the people around you, e.g  family, friends, lovers, co-workers, clients etc.  Real Health Wealth is a sense of fulfilment and well-being in any area of your life….

Love yourself physically. To love oneself on the physical level is to take care of the body. Loving  your mind.  Loving your mental machinations is another facet to loving yourself…

Sonia Cullington / Health & Wellness Coach