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Monday 31 January 2011

Message from Emma - January 2011

Hi Sonia!

Have been back from the gym for about an hour, and had a bit of light tea, and settled down to chill out now!

I really, really enjoyed the gym tonight! I didn't think I would, but I honestly did! I was very pleased with my weight loss, and I really hope it comes off like that so I can be a couple of stone lighter (with any luck!!) before my birthday!

As you know, I intended to start the diet plan and gym way before now - and thanks to that horrible flu/chest infection I had between Xmas and New Year - which lasted for weeks(!!) I was unable to start until last week.

So anyway, I have been getting on great! I followed the plan to the T! And found that I wasn't really hungry - I am so glad about that, because as you know, I love my food!! Since I started, I haven't had any fizzy pop either! Just sugar free squash and water, or just water on its own. The fact that I can have 1 slice of bread (which i choose to have as my brekkie, with scrambled egg or as french toast) - gives me my bread fix, and the low fat chocolate mousse I can have - well that gives me my chocolate fix daily too!

I was a bit apprehensive at first, as you know i have IBS, and a lot of foods can trigger it off. I never really knew what - I just put it down to veg and fruit. BUT! Since I have been doing this plan, and eating so much veg/salad and fruit, it has calmed down so much! Before now, I wouldn't have been able to have more than a tablespoon worth of cabbage, but on Friday night i have a plate of cabbage with my fish, and nothing! I felt fine! (Full and satisfied too!!) I think maybe it is bread then! Because I did used to eat quite a bit, so maybe me cutting that out is doing me the world of good!

So a HUGE thank you from me Sonia!!! I am so appreciative for what you are doing for me, and I want to make you proud!!!

I can't wait for our next session and my next weigh in, to see how i've done this week!!

Oh and for the fit guys at the gym too! Phwoar!!!! :-)

Em xxx

Emma has now started at the gym as mentioned in December's blog...she was WOW! You name it, running machine, cross-trainer, resistance machines, power plate etc, she tried it all...I have designed a  "bespoke" exercise & nutrition programme for her which can  be adapted anytime on her WinOnWeightloss journey. 

Emma has lost 2kg's, which I am very happy about & I have also added a bit of  pressure or should I say competition for her...a WOW Man!

Follow our blog and see WOW things happening!


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