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Saturday 7 May 2011

How's The WOW Man doing? Calling PAUL...

Well what an incredible journey this is turning out to be.

I continue to lose weight; I am feeling fitter and I really am enjoying life.

The weekly training sessions with Sonia are still very important; her encouragement and enthusiasm have helped me to remain focused.

I have now joined the gym and go 3 or 4 times a week. This, combined with a sensible diet has produced some fantastic results. I have now lost 3 stone and I am discovering a new wardrobe, which for the first time in ages is from an ordinary high street shop and not a specialist outlet. This, to the ordinary thin person, probably does not seem much, but for me it is. Yes it is about losing weight, being healthy, but it is a bonus to lose the ‘5x’ label.

Look, don’t get me wrong I am still overweight, but my world within 4 months has completely changed.

The biggest development has been in relation to my diabetes for which I was prescribed medication. Well, I have just had a review with my doctor and he has stopped this prescription, because my diabetes is being managed with diet and exercise. Furthermore he is now directing people to this blog, as an inspiration to lose weight.

The journey has been difficult at times and 3 weeks ago I did put on 2lbs, which really annoyed me, but taught me how important it was to remain focused.

I would like to finish this blog update with some thank you’s.

To Sonia, thank you for believing in me and your support. To my family, friends and colleagues thank you for kind comments and words of encouragement, they really do make a difference and are very much appreciated.

P.S. WoW!!!!

Watch this space for an updated photo of our WOW man PAUL, he looks awe & some!!!! This is definitely a WinOnWeightloss journey to keep following.....if you would like to ask Paul or I any questions re his journey please leave your comments. Soniax

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