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Thursday 17 March 2016

The 3 Wise Monkey's...or is it 4?

Remember the three wise monkeys? One covered its eyes as if to say, 'See no evil'. One covered its ears as if to say, 'Hear no evil'. The third covered its mouth to communicate the idea that we should all strive to 'speak no evil.' But should there not also have been a fourth to signify the need to 'think no evil?' Perhaps that's just too far fetched! YOU can discipline yourself to behave well... but YOU can't prevent your mind from having the opinions it holds.

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective. It is not the truth.” Marcus Aurelius

WOW Fact – people will always have an opinion, but you have to live life the way you want to. It’s very easy to tell others what to do, but difficult to implement it on yourself…

Some people keep their opinions about anything in their personal life, like a prisoner…at WOW Health, Fitness & Wellness classes we are open minded and respectful to people’s opinions which are ultimately determined by feelings. We realise that having a low opinion of yourself is not modesty, it’s self-destruction. We discuss that it doesn’t matter what other people think because if you make the right choice to create positive changes FOR YOURSELF, that is all that matters. YOU don’t need anyone’s approval, validation or support…and a lot of the time, YOU really should avoid it.

WOW Fact – in my teachings I always compare our minds and bodies to a car and it’s engine, I love cars…I say “As a Human Engine sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself, here at  WOW  we will help you find your way….We will help you put your car in gear and drive in the right direction with the miraculous mechanics of your body and mind…we will give you the plan, the road map and the courage to press on with your journey…”

The human body, the engine and the journey are similar in many ways…

“Now to the WOW journey -like GPS navigation, it’s built into cars and your mind works in the same way…why is that? You give your device/mind the destination (end result). Because it already knows where you are, as soon as you give it your destination the GPS/mind knows how to get there! In fact, in a split second it considers every road and highway you could choose from. It factors in speed limits, traffic lights and often construction, and internal & external triggers. And amazingly, in a split second, it then knows the shortest, quickest, happiest route! But notice it doesn’t start talking/thinking until you put your car/mind in gear (and roll) if you don’t put your car/mind in gear, the entire system is wired NOT TO HELP YOU! If your car/mind remains in park, you’re actually telling it “NO, NOT NOW, I’M NOT READY” in the car/mind once you are in drive, the entire system flies into action, tracking your progress, rerouting you where necessary. Should you get distracted singing to One Direction at the top of your lungs, you’ll eventually be put back on track with “make a legal u-turn” YOU don’t get such guidance and correction in either a parked car or a parked life…”

“Can you imagine the travesty of stopping a short way in to your journey “it’s not working for me…it’s working for everyone else but me, I think I will return home and watch some TV and eat some chocolate and crisps, I am not good enough to have a loving relationship, I am not able to top perform at my job etc.. NO it doesn’t work for you, it ALWAYS works for you!! Everyday you get closer, every day it gets easier…these words should be your MODUS OPERANDI forever more on your Health, Fitness, Wellness and Emotional journey. The moment you claim it’s not working it stops working, the moment you say it’s hard it becomes hard…”

In a nutshell, if you fuel your journey on the opinions of others or in fact a negative opinion about yourself, you are going to run out of gas…

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Catch you for the Drive…

Sonia Cullington / A Coach who helps guide you on the difference between truth and OPINION...

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