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Thursday 23 May 2013

Sonia Cullington say's "Eat less FAT - It's more FATTENING than YOU think & YOU are what YOU EAT!!!"

All week I have been re-viewing client's food diaries. I find that this is the only way I can assess why their weight loss journey's are not reaching there destination's...
I can hear my clients saying "a calorie is a calorie, right?" WRONG! Research has shown that calories from FAT are much more fattening than those from other kinds of foods. If you are trying to be healthier or lose weight, reducing your FAT intake may be the most crucial change you make to your diet.  

The next question I then get is "Do you mean I can eat as much as I want of other foods as long as I cut my FAT intake right down?" NO! To be healthy and lose weight, you must reduce the total number of calories you consume. But ,as FAT contains more calories than other food - carbohydrates or protein, for example - the lower the proportion of FAT calories within your total daily calorie allowance the better.

So why are FAT calories the most fattening?

FAT is the worst enemy of the overweight person because each gram of fat contains more than twice as many calories as a gram of carbohydrate or protein. Here's the breakdown:

1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories
1 gram of protein            = 4 calories
1 gram of FAT                 = 9 calories

Some experts also believe that FAT calories are converted into body fat more readily than the same number of carbohydrate or protein calories. My message is LOUD & CLEAR: reduce the FAT in your diet and you're well on your way to being healthier and WinningOnWeightloss!

Sonia Cullington / Fitness, Wellness & Weightloss Coach

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