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Monday 21 November 2011

Well, is it Nifty Fifty Paul?

Paul at the start of his WOW Journey...
Well, summer has come and gone, the reverse regrettably of what has happened since I last wrote my blog. Yes the weight has gone and come. Unfortunately several things have happened, both at home and at work which has meant lapses in both exercise and diet. Although the weight gain is not significant it has compounded what has been a difficult summer personally and acted as a constant reminded of how ones life events can impact on your weight loss programme and your state of mind.

It has also been a period where I have celebrated my 50th Birthday and this has also meant that several local restaurants have been visited!

 Throughout this difficult period Sonia has continued to be supportive and had several hair style changes, dark being my preferred option!

 The important thing is that the damage is repairable and I happy to say that I have reengaged with the programme. I have started training at the gym again and eating a balanced, healthy diet.

 You must never lose sight of the goal and continue to appreciate the benefits of being fitter.

Paul, today, 5 stone lighter!
What a year this has been so far for Paul, dosen't he look WOW!!! He has given a very personal and truthful account of how he has felt since the summer. Some weeks when we didn't manage to get together I kept in touch with him, it was most probably a case of Big Brother is watching! hahaha when he did put on weight I was not too concerned about how much he weighed, I was looking at his Body Fat % and his  Muscle Mass % as this gave me the true summary of what was happening with his body, I explained the readings to him at every meeting.

Paul is back on track which is great as it is now the run up to Christmas which is a difficult time for most people.

If you would like to ask Paul or myself any questions, please leave your comments and we will reply accordingley.

Sonia x

P.S glad to see Paul has not lost his sense of humour, yip I changed my hair but as you can all see I am back to au natural...oh & when I said to him "let's go out for a lovely meal for your 50th birthday" he politely refused and said he had been to every restaurant open e,g Chinese, Thai, Nando's etc etc boy did that make me laugh!!!

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