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Wednesday 15 February 2012

Sonia Cullington say's "Fancy a LOVE Workout Kelly?"

Hey Sonia

Burger King, Pizza, Chicken Lasagne, Garlic Bread, Sweets and Birthday Cake are just an example of the rubbish I have indulged in last weekend!!! Oh and lots of ROSE WINE!!!!  So as you can imagine I need a WOW session today.

So Sonia and I met for a loved up session in the gym to celebrate Valentine’s Day and it was WOW. 
My arms took a beating and yes the big O came into play..........OVERLOAD which was brought on by an extra special treat today, Sonia’s Ex Husband Paul joined us and as England’s Silver Medalist Indoor Rowing Champion, he showed us how it was done. And WOW what a difference when you do it properly the heart was racing and not with love but power!!!!!

I worked really hard and Sonia has been brill as I have been suffering with my back she is working on exercises that strengthen this area which is making a huge difference!!!

Well loving over until Sunday where I look forward to another good session using that rowing machine and who knows we could be going for GOLD!!  Look out Paul!
Hope you all have a WOW Valentine’s Day!

Thanks Sonia as always!

Valentine's Day certainly was FUN! Kelly had a "Love"ly workout!!! I am looking forward to Sunday morning when we will "row, row, row the boat...." we are concentrating on toning and not moaning!!!! I am very proud of my ex husband Paul for getting a Silver Medal on Sunday 12th February at the Indoor Rowing Championships , when I told our daughter Paula daddy got a Silver medal, her reply was "First the worst, second the best!!!!!" spoken like her mother!!!! hahahahaha


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