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Wednesday 1 February 2012

Sonia Cullington sings "Hey, Hey Paul!!!"

February 2012

WOW Man Blog


Hangover after Christmas and New Year.

 The title of this blog bears no reference to the after effects of alcohol during the festivities but the 6 o’clock shadow slightly protruding from the top of my jogging bottoms. Alas it all went Pete Tong and I succumbed in time honoured tradition to all that was not good for me. The result is that I put on a significant amount of weight and ended up at the foot of Mount Sonia pleading for mercy.

 It was very disappointing, to put on weight after the significant loss over the last year. In all honesty it’s been a very difficult few months with fluctuating weight and commitment. There are many reasons for this, but none which excuses or diminishes the pain of putting on weight. A lesson has been learnt, lose weight feel good about yourself, and boost your confidence, put on weight feel angry and miserable. What a viscous circle this can become, and I need to jump out of it and get back to being focused. March blog will be a lot more sobering!


Hey, Hey Paul...won't you marry me today...as the song goes, well it is February and that means Valentines and we have 29 days this month, which means LOVE...so because I am a loving person and have a lot of love to share I will be understanding for this month "ONLY!" YOU CAN DO THIS! I have every faith in you and will BLESS our workouts this month...be ready to climb MOUNT SONIA! hahahaha

P.S my pic is my love look,  and now I am singing "climb every mountain...."

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