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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Sonia Cullington say's "Fab Abs anyone?"

Hey Sonia
Well double whammy for me again this week !!!
So “The Boss” decided it is FAB ABS week and has pushed my abs to the limits and boy oh boy did I feel the crunch!!! So we were concentrating on working that body which meant increasing the weights AGAIN…………………….so OVERLOAD kicked in with the usual reps of 50!!! 
Burn the fat is the only way forward so increasing the weight is the way to do this……………as normal Sonia is watching my back and incorporating the moves to strengthen it at all times.
OMG “The Boss” means business she looked at me and said “UP” which meant lets add on them weights AGAIN keeping the REPS at 50..................... Burn Baby Burn!!!
Sonia is feeling feisty and she is still going for FAB ABS which guess what that means we all are!!! You do not need surgery or drastic measures all you need is WOW FITNESS..............and if you do not believe me check out my WOW look which I have worked hard to get and am very confident with!!
May have a little treat courtesy of the Easter Bunny !!! (Alright Boss I said LITTLE)
Happy Easter remember MODERATION!!!............................ Nutrition  is key to staying WOW xx
Thanks Sonia!!!
 I am "upping" the pace with Kelly's workouts...those ABS will be FAB, I have said to her "Let's see whose ABS look better..." The heat is on via BOSS & CLIENT...Watch this space! YUMMY MUMMY OR TUMMY MUMMY? The choice is yours!!!

Sonia/Wow Fitness

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