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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Emma's "dreaded" weigh-in...

Well, well, well...WEIGH IN...all those weeks...what happened?

Ok, at last weigh- in, Emma weighed 136.6kg (end of June) weigh-in today 138.8kg, approx 4.5lbs on, personally I am happy with the results as my readings showed her Body Fat had increased by .3 only, I explained to Emma what this meant and she felt better after my explanation, we also looked at her Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR & Body Water readings, she actually thought she had gained a stone, I did say to her that I hoped she had not starved herself before meeting me...(-_-)

Emma is back on track, our session today made sure of that! We have had a good old chat and she knows what she has to do, she wants to LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD....

Sonia x aka WOW Task Master!!!!

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