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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Sonia Cullington say's "Whaaat's happening Hedda?"

Hi Sonia!

Well, its Spring again and I am in a renewed phase of trying to lose more weight and look good, two weddings this year! I need to lose at least one stone before the 3rd June!

I had a really happy day when I went into Marks and Spencer and bought some fitted trousers off the peg and they actually fitted! In the past I have had to rely on elasticated waists, very comfortable, but the choice is very limited.

 Still having trouble losing, mainly due to the fact that I had a four day holiday in Scarborough with my husband, followed by a vile virus that had me laying on the sofa for over a week. I now realise that in order to lose weight, I must exercise!

Back on track now, and spent nearly all day Sunday gardening, the backs of my legs are telling me this was good for me! Thank goodness for Sonia and WOW fitness, for keeping me on the straight and narrow! I am really looking forward to our WOW session this week!!!

Kindest regards

Hedda x

Hedda is fighting fit, she knows what she has to do and when she did put on a bit of weight  recently when she was 'flirting' with food and her husband she soon sharp got back on track...watch this space, we will get another stone off by June!

Sonia - Forever Tracking, Forever Fun, Fitness Forever!!!! x

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