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Tuesday 20 March 2012

Sonia Cullington say's "Watch your BACK Kelly..."

Hey Sonia

I did not blog you after my session on the 12th March but it was awesome as normal and we concentrated on strengthening the back following on from my osteopath appointment!! And boy did I hurt on Tuesday morning as I had some kind of bug and did not move off the sofa for two days!!!

However I had another osteopath appointment today and there is improvement all thanks to you Sonia advising me on what I should and should not be doing!!! The lady told me everything Sonia has been doing with me over the last few months the only thing she has done different is flip me from one side of a bed to another and not in a pleasurable way .............
Tonight another great session working the core and maintaining a WOW body which will be hot, hot, hot by the summer.

Keep focused keep it fun and keep listening to the BOSS and watch the results!!
Thanks Sonia as always!

I have been working Kelly's core at every session (our last few sessions have been outside in the fresh air). I have been aware of the pain she has been experiencing in her back and I have only given her moves & repetitions that have been suitable but still WOW...her side planks tonight were  AWE & SOME!!!
Sonia Cullington - Chief Wellness Officer/WOW Fitness

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